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Antonio Segura Donat (DULK) portrait


EXTINCTION is the last collection of paintings by DULK inspired in his recent trips all over the world. He has studied endangered species living in their natural environment and, thus, has caught, understood and reflected in his work many ideas about the secrets of the coexistence of these animals in an environment which is more and more present in his work.

The desire of expressing the intimate and destructive relationship between human and nature is a common feature in this collection of paintings. The dangers of a disoriented and lost society, which is continuously roaming around, could point at mankind as the responsible for the first massive and scheduled extinction on our planet.

DULK presents his private view about some of the most endangered species that are constantly subdued to the will of a common predator, which is mankind, with its particular Human Life Style.

These “snapshot paintings” are open windows to a real scenario. Apparently, idyllic ecosystems are blended with colorful and oneiric touches, where life lives together with death in a tragicomic atmosphere. Erratic movements, human behaviors and an endless melancholy reflected in the eyes of the protagonists show us a real problem immersed in a fantastic universe.

Exhibited in: Moniker · International Art Fair
By: Thinkspace Gallery