Jacó, Costa Rica
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Artify Jaco

The first collaboration wall with Mantra Rea for Artify Jaco . It was a great experience to share a wall with my friend here in Costa rica where nature hits you strong. We both love wilderness and were very excited to share our techniques and knowledge to produce our first project together. We hope this is just the beginning of many! In this case we wanted to represent a story surrounding the most iconic bird of Jacó, the scarlet macaw. As the locals told us 20 years ago it was almost imposible to see a Macaw in the area, they were almost extinct. Nowadays thanks to the support of some organizations and national parks you can see them everywhere in the town. It’s a great experience to be painting and hearing them crossing the skyes and fighting in the trees. For a painter and nature lover this is truly inspiring! Thanks Costa rica for having us and take care of some magic of our planet. Thanks to the organization Artify Jaco to make us feel like at home.