Dulk x Suarez



In collaboration with

Dulk Studio,Thinkspace Gallery, Spoke Art Gallery and Joyeria Suarez

Together with the Thinkspace Gallery, Spoke Art Gallery and Joyeria Suarez we were able to announce a special collaboration involving the Rhinoceros ring “Sudan” and the Tucan earring “Fragile” both designed by Suarez and produced together with me.

Art understood as aspiration and inspiration is a maxim that Suarez has internalized in their commitment to excellence. From modernism to the historical avant-garde, artists and jewelers have maintained a constant dialogue. Authors such as Auguste Rodin, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, Alberto Giacometti, Alexander Calder, Georges Braque, Giorgio de Chirico, Man Ray, Julio González and Hans Arp found in high jewelry a new medium to fuse creative languages. Today, Suarez wants to renew this tradition and for this reason, they began an alliance with contemporary artists from all over the world.
It is a unique collaboration, in which the work of an author is turned into a piece of jewelry after a precious elaborate process, in complicity with the artist to achieve custom-made piece of art. The jewels integrate the exhibition as part of the whole.


After visiting Ol pejeta Rhino Sanctuary in Nanyuki, Kenya where I
discovered first hand all the good this special organization does for the
wildlife there, specially for the rhinos. After this I wanted to pay tribute to
the last male northern white rhino that lived there with this jewelry ring
piece named “Sudan’’, making a simile and turning animals into something
as precious as jewel

The rhinoceros-shaped ring is one of a kind and it’s made with 18-carat pink and white gold with brilliant-cut champagne diamonds alongside brilliant-cut brown diamonds and round-cut pink sapphires.


The Asymetrical Tucan-shaped earrings are one of a kind and they’re made
with 18-carat pink and white gold with brilliant-cut black and white

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