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Dulk x D'Avila

“Luminous” is Dulk and D’avila’s second drop on NiftyGateway. In this second collaboration, the multidisciplinary artist Antonio Segura (Dulk) and the digital artist Daniel D’avila work together from the light element and how it is shown in the wild, offering us its magic and the brightness of hope.


Light Transforms what it touches, providing color, volume, contrast and depth that move the viewer and connect them with the essence of their soul, which is their link with nature. That magic, wich only light is capable of shedding, translates into an infinite palette of colors that range from the pinks of dawn to the deep blues of the end of the day. Lights that outline and draw dreamlike atmospheres that unfold to our astonished gaze when the light filters through the sky and reflects in the ice like a prism that breaks up the light in its essential rainbow.


“Luminous” is a carbon neutral collection composed of two artworks, “Fire” and “Ice”.


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