The rematch of the Wawel's Dragon




Kraków, Poland
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101 Murali Dla Krakowa

“The rematch of the Wawel’s Dragon” This is my last mural, painted in the city of Krakow (Poland). On it I wanted to play the most representative legend of the city giving it a reverse to actual history. Thanks so much to 101 Murali Dla Krakowa for supporting me and give the posibillity of painting in this amazing city. According to legend, an evil dragon lived in a cave on Wawel hill, while he was devouring the cattle of citizens and no one knew how to stop him. There were many who tried it, until a poor shoemaker decided to fill the skin of a lamb with sulfur. The dragon devoured the lamb and entered an immense thirst, so he drunk all the water from the Vistula river and he exploded. Thus citizens were freed from their big nightmare.

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