Public Installations

James Ensor x Dulk




Oostende, Belgium
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Organized and managed by

The Crystal Ship Festival

Photos by

Jules Cesure

Curated by

All About Things


3.10m x 1.60m x 1.85m(H x W x L)

We embark on a journey inspired by the legacy of the illustrious James Ensor. From his captivating color palettes to his fascination with the macabre. Combining Dulk’s fantasy with Ensor’s surrealism, our 3 meter high sculpture stands as a fine blend of artistic styles.


From the initial sketch to the meticulous work of our collaborating artisans in Valencia, every step has been impregnated with passion and dedication. We leave you some images of the installation at the train station, where the expectation and emotion were present at the unveiling of our work of art.


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The process

"James Ensor, our surrealistic reference"

From Ensor’s color palettes, his skeletons and figures dressed as jesters, and his representations related to music, our sculpture is born. It combines the fantasy and animals of Dulk with the aesthetic universe of James Ensor, being a clear example of how Dulk’s style can blend with others that are completely opposite.