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Grenoble, France
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Grenoble Street Art Fest

Photos by

Andrea Berlese

Grenoble is located in southern French Alps, near to one of the wildest areas in France. As a result a wide range of wildlife can be found here and a very special one is the Lynx. I always wanted to create a piece with this endangered wild cat. After their complete disappearance from the Alpine arc, successful reintroduction projects have given the lynx a second chance in the Alps. Since the early 1970s, successful reintroduction programs in France and Switzerland have already enabled the lynx (Lynx lynx) to expand its range and establish new homes. The guardian talks about the balance in ecosystems, ironically, the main threat to biodiversity is human action. The damage caused to biodiversity affects not only the species that inhabit a specific place, but also damages the network of relationships between species, modifying their behavior and evolution. Biodiversity is not static, it is dynamic; it is a system in constant evolution, both in each species and in each individual organism.