Alter Ego




Ontinyent, Spain
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Carlos Segura

This is my recent mural painted for Murart 2022, the first street art festival in Ontinyent, my hometown. This wall is just in front of my studio and I created something which represents it in any way. The main character is a European bee eater, one of the migratory birds that you can find here in the area from May to September. They travel from Africa each year and just arrived here. I was photographing a couple of them the previous week of the festival and felt amazed by their colors so I chose them to create a metaphorical story. Bee eaters are migratory birds that travel so far for nesting here. It looks interesting to create a comparative story with my work. I travel a lot but I love coming back home to enjoy with my family and paint in the studio. That’s exactly what this majestic bird is doing just in front of the place were I create my studio works.