Odenat Bouton




Écaussinnes, Belgium
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Jules Césure

This is my second mural in Belgium, a country where I’m always happy to be back. I finished my art studies there 13 years ago and it’s so special coming back to a place where I grew as an artist after such a long time. Working in this piece has been incredible, since the surface until the great production team from allaboutth1ngs .This has been my first brick surface mural and I never expected that I would like it even having the responsability of working over a 180 years old building. This old school was founded by Odenat Bouton who saved a lot of children from the nazi’s back in WWII. Growing makes our personality and knowledge unique for flying to the future. Always thanks to my man dridali for your help and support, you make each trip the funniest and each mural the best experience ever.

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