The Battle




Mons, Belgium
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Organized and managed by

Bf 7000 studio

Photos by

Carlos Segura

Is known from 9th century, the story of Saint George and the dragon. This story, which is part of the Golden Legend, is probably the origin of all the fairy tales about princesses and dragons. This mural painted in the city of Mons is my first large-scale mural in Belgium and shows my personal vision of the history of Saint George and the dragon, symbols of the city. This wall is made up of two different facades joined by a corner that creates the nexus of the composition. Each element has been strategically placed to create a visual connection with the viewer. In the painting Saint George is represented as a hummingbird, the smallest bird on the planet and one of the most beautiful. He appears with the characteristic helmet of St. George and on the back of a black flamingo that parallels the black horse in the original story of Saint George in Mons. On the other hand, we find the dragon, which represents the devil. It appears in the composition as an incredible imaginary creature with a very peculiar morphology, the head and claws of an eagle and the body of a reptile that is formed from the clouds from which lions emerge, symbol of power and strength. In this mural I create a unique surreal scene that opens a door to the imagination but at the same time sends us a real message, always the most defenseless can win the most complicated battle with a little cunning and perseverance.

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