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València, Spain
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CCCC (Centro del Carmen de Cultura Contemporánea)

The Procés Natural exhibition brings us the unique opportunity to meet Dulk, a Valencian artist of international recognition, not only through the Falla’s specific project, but beyond this, how Antonio Segura thinks and understands painting, what is his artistic language and the concerns that move him. Ultimately, showing the multiple facets and the creative process that defines who Dulk is. A transversal journey through his way of working, from the idea to the sketch, the exhaustive documentation and the reflection. Throughout the exhibition, the path towards his colorful universes will be drawn, full of vindictive charge, always advocating for the protection of nature and with a special sensitivity towards endangered species -which unfortunately, are more and more every day-.

An exhibit throught Dulk's process

The heart of the Procés Natural Exhibition consists in a big format composition of original sketches made throughout Dulk’s career. It involves a never seen before material that will be on display for the first time, involving without a doubt, a unique opportunity to better understand his creative process. Among them, we can find the original Rondalla del Fang Drawings, mural sketches, scenographies for animation movies, tales…Original Artworks, editions and sculptures -both big and small- shape up this path throughout Antonio Segura’s procés natural.

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Within the aim of raising awareness about the changes that our planet is undergoing,— with problems largely due to the impact that humans cause in nature—, loss of ecosystems, global warming, endangered species … We propose a specific installation for the Renaissance cloister of the CCCC, which highlights a dramatic reality that happens in hundreds of species that are seeing how their environments and natural habitats are vanishing. Without their environment, their sustenance disappears, their role in the food chain and a concatenation of ecological disorders.

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