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València, Spain
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Las Naves Innovation Center

Photos by

Jesús Amable Gil

From the heart of the 2022 Municipal Falla comes the unique opportunity to meet a Valencian artist of international projection, not only through the specific project of the cadafal Protegix allò que estimes, but beyond this, how Antonio Segura thinks and understands creation, what is his artistic language and the concerns that move him. In short, to show the multiple facets and the creative process that defines who Dulk is.

An exhibit throught Dulk's process

The exhibition presents an immersive experience in the process of creating a falla, the surrounding textures, the infinite volumes and the honesty of the paper, invite us to live up close a unique reality. The wallpapers displayed in the room allude directly to Dulk’s activity as a muralist working in the urban space, and this connects with the primordial nature of the fallas, a genuine street festival. The large-format photographs focus on some of the key figures of the falla, for example we have an image of the koala, which has been the ninot indultat this year. Conceptually, the exhibition defends Antonio Segura’s position on the climate emergency and the welfare of the species, which day after day, see how the loss of their ecosystems, -in large numbers caused by the footprint of human beings- decreases the population of koalas, toucans, bears…

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“To trace this journey through the collaborative creative process, and what is involved in the creation of a falla in collaboration with Antonio Segura, Dulk and fallero artist Alejandro Santaeulalia.”


"Protegix allò que estimes" Falla Municipal 2022

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