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Every animal will be immortalized.

On our journeys, we carry a backpack filled with cameras, lenses, and essential tools. The goal is to return home with a complete photo collection of as many animals as possible. These images are stored in our personal archive, becoming valuable visual references that we check when aiming to accurately capture the textures, colors, and movements of the animals that will inspire our drawings.

General overview of our material for this trip, althoug there is much more!

Tahiti, the largest and most renowned island in the archipelago of French Polynesia, stands out as a prominent member of the group of islands known as the Society Islands. Just a short distance from the shore, animals show up beneath transparent waters like we had never seen before.

Teamwork will always be necessary.

Explaining my work process to a group of students that visited my mural during the process.

Tono in his free time.

Moorea, the younger sister of Tahiti,

Moorea provides a more tranquil and less urbanized environment than its larger counterpart. Located just 17 km from Tahiti, Moorea can be reached by a short boat trip. On this island, we had the opportunity to swim in the lagoon with Stingrays, Spotted Eagle rays commonly known as Leopard rays, Blacktip reef shark, Spinner dolphins, Sea Green Turtles, and many others. An amazing experience that we will never forget.

The final result of the mural painted.

Click on this image to see the mural!

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