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The local community

The local community in South Africa is diverse and enriching. It comprises a variety of ethnic groups, languages, and traditions. South Africans are known for their hospitality and resilience. The community reflects a unique blend of cultures and history.

Cape Town is unique in many ways, but perhaps the city’s most impressive asset is its proximity to nature. The mountains, oceans and forests that meet the fringes of the city are not only scenically impressive, but are also home to a variety of wildlife.
The surrounding wildlife usually keeps to itself, but if you intend spending some time on the mountain or in the oceans, there’s a good chance you’ll come across some of these fascinating animals.

I always find textbooks that inspire me.

Capetown wildlife

 The most fascinating wildlife you can encounter in and around Cape Town are African penguins, Seals, Dassies, Himalayan tahrs, Klipspringer, Otters, Baboons, Snakes, Otters, Great White Sharks, Orcas, …

We had the opportunity to visit the penguins colony in Boulders Beach near Simon’s Town. They are only found along the coastlines of South Africa and Namibia, usually on remote islands. These penguins are vulnerable to extinction, and it was so exciting to see this wonderful animals in wild.

We danced traditional group dances on the beach. It was a lot of fun!

Click on this image to see the mural!

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