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Dulk, new expert
of NatGeo Expeditions

Dulk Studio


22·11·23 | 12:00

What’s NatGeo Expedition?

National Geographic Expeditions, renowned for their expert guides, including scientists, photographers, and brand-affiliated explorers, incorporate thematic activities such as wildlife observation, photography, archaeology, or astronomy on some journeys, aligning with the expedition’s focus. These experiences are carefully designed to provide authentic and meaningful encounters, fostering understanding and appreciation for the diversity of the natural and cultural world.

Dulk NatGeo Expert: onboard of the ship

In an innovative initiative, National Geographic Expeditions has enlisted DULK with his unique approach to nature: conservation through art. DULK will not only guide participants through spectacular destinations but also utilize his creativity to capture the beauty of nature and underscore the importance of conservation.

His artwork, displayed in natural spaces and local communities, becomes a powerful medium to raise awareness about the fragility of our planet and the need to preserve these precious environments. The collaboration between National Geographic and this multidisciplinary artist reflects the brand’s ongoing commitment to exploration, education, and environmental preservation, offering travelers a unique and transformative experience.

“DULK utilizes his creativity to capture the beauty of nature and underscore the importance of conservation.”


The captivating itinerary planned by Dulk will commence aboard one of NatGeo Expeditions’ newest ships: the National Geographic Quest. This extraordinary journey will span from the Pacific Northwest to British Columbia and Alaska. On expedition boats, participants will have the opportunity to approach hidden coves, dramatic fjords, pristine waters, and bays dotted with massive icebergs. They will explore ancient forests teeming with wildlife, home to brown bears and bald eagles, while listening to the thunderous calving of ice in the incomparable Glacier Bay National Park.

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