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Discovering California Coast from Moss Landing through Monterey Bay and Big Sur to Los Angeles

An amazing road trip that started in Moss Landing with a couple of boat trips with specialized Nat Geo photographers that shown us the wonder of Monterey Bay and it’s waters.  Following the experience at Point Lobos Natural State where the magic of it’s atmosphere fascinated me and the wildlife amount blown my mind. The scenic drive until Piedras Blancas Beach to spot the Elephant seals was other of the highlights of this trip.

All along of California coast emerges a fascinating habitat for many different wildlife, from sea lions to elephant seals, many different sea birds, whales,… It’s surprising to observe how they blend in with the fishing environment, buoys, and boats, remaining calm in their community and demonstrating an astonishing familiarity with human presence.

Always with the camera in hand,

these snapshots become the best visual reference

for drawing animals upon returning home.

The diversity of life forms so different from our everyday surroundings sparks our curiosity in a special way.

Here discovering the kelp at Monastery Beach.

Otters, playful behavior

Otters are creatures I’ve depicted in numerous drawings; they exhibit playful behavior, and their anatomy inspires me greatly. Especially in coastal areas, you may encounter California sea otters, the most common species in the region. Watching them swim in groups was a very enjoyable experience. We spotted them in Morro Bay.

The final photo of the mural, along with exceptional teamwork, undoubtedly reminds us that great things often result from collective efforts.

Click on this image to see the complete mural!

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