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Dulk at SeaWalls South Africa,
awareness in Cape Town!

Dulk Studio


22·11·23 | 19:00

‘PangeaSeed’ Foundation and ‘Save Our Sea Foundation

PangeaSeed Foundation and Save Our Seas Foundation share a profound dedication to ocean conservation, albeit employing different approaches. Both nonprofit organizations aim to address threats such as pollution and climate change through the combination of art, education, and action.

PangeaSeed Foundation is notable for using art as a powerful tool to raise awareness and mobilize society. It closely collaborates with artists, scientists, and local communities to inspire positive change.

On the other hand, Save Our Seas Foundation distinguishes itself with a comprehensive approach, funding scientific research, supporting conservation projects, and promoting education. It seeks a thorough understanding of issues affecting the oceans and works in international collaboration to find effective solutions.

Both foundations share fundamental values of conservation, research, education, and collaboration, recognizing the need to protect the oceans to ensure a sustainable future for our planet. Their common commitment to the health of marine ecosystems reflects a global response to critical challenges and a shared vision of the importance of preserving marine life for future generations.

SEA WALLS: Oceans International Public Art Program in Cape Town, South Africa

Sea Walls, a public art and mural program organized by the PangeaSeed Foundation, took place in Cape Town from November 3 to 11, 2023. During the event, visual artists and muralists, including Dulk, transformed public spaces into massive canvases, using art to highlight the importance of ocean conservation and raise awareness about the threats they face.

Dulk’s mural, along with those of other participants, depicted endangered marine species and conveyed impactful messages, serving as visual reminders and calls to action. In addition to its aesthetic impact, Sea Walls also engaged local communities in the protection of their marine environments, often accompanied by educational programs and community activities.

“To see a rare, endangered animal killing another endangered species. It was the perfect theme for an impactful design. I didn’t hesitate that this was the story to talk about without any doubt, Gozzila and King Kong fighthing themselves. It’s all about the power of nature”.

Antonio Segura “Dulk”

DULK, Cape To Town Mural: The Experience.

As an artist dedicated to conservation, my focus has always been on nature and endangered species worldwide. While painting is my primary passion, my connection with wildlife has been a constant source of inspiration. Sea Walls Cape Town provided a unique opportunity to bring my vision to life, and I chose to center my mural on the captivating yet concerning story of the orcas Port and Starboard, who were attacking sharks in South Africa.

The orca, one of my favorite species, became the focal point of my work, creating a visually striking representation of the struggle between two endangered species. My challenge was to convey the sadness of the situation, especially considering the disappearance of great white sharks from the South African coasts. However, I maintain the conviction that, despite the threats, the resilience of these species will endure.

The mural not only addressed the story of the sharks but also explored the interconnectedness with other local species, such as African penguins. I highlighted how the decline of sharks has impacted the food chain, endangering the survival of penguins. The urgency to address these issues and restore balance in the marine ecosystem became the central message of my work. By using art as a powerful tool for awareness, I aimed to inspire action and promote the preservation of marine life in our oceans.

Sea Walls Cape Town was not just an artistic expression but also a passionate call to protect marine biodiversity and ensure the sustainability of our ecosystem.

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