Chien Pirate




Le Locle, Switzerland
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Dulk Studio

“Chien Pirate” An artwork that immerses us in a historical event, in the depths of the forest, between Switzerland and France. We are in the beautiful village of Le Locle, where the Doubs River meanders between cliffs and majestic trees.
The mural is inspired by its history, in the 18th century, smuggling flourished in this land, to evade taxes on a wide range of products. The smugglers had a brave ally, the dogs, trained for smuggling. Loyal companions who crossed the border with hidden cargo, carrying with them the hope of a better life for those who suffered in poverty and precariousness.

This work of art takes us on a time journey through history, in the heart of the forest. There was a time when smuggling was commonplace. Smugglers, used their faithful dogs to crossed the border with valuable goods. That’s how these faithful companions suffered every day hunger and moments away from their homes, to bring a ray of hope to those suffering poverty and hardship.