Scope Art Fair 2019




Miami Beach, United States
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In this show, Dulk creates worlds of stylized Animalia and character creatures, striking an unlikely balance between the playful ease of children’s make-believe and the prescient threat of ecological doomsday. As surreal as they are foreboding, Dulk’s works celebrate the beauty of nature’s biodiversity while simultaneously mourning the imminence of its loss

Much in the same way that fantasy actively invites collusion with nightmare, Dulk’s extravagantly lush imagination, for all of its seductive warmth, is punctuated by premonitory distress, and poignantly aberrant, if not predictive, details. A Baroque naturalist, Dulk’s imaginative animal morphologies combine nature and metaphor, biology and dream, to produce beautifully foreboding results.

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“The potential meaning and power of the content, however, is mitigated by the playful beauty of its delivery”

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