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The Giant Change at
‘Urban Artivism’ Exhibition

Dulk Studio


17·10·23 | 19:00

‘Urban Artivism’ at STRAAT Museum

STRAAT (Amsterdam, NL) is one of Europe’s most important museums for street art and graffiti. Street art and graffiti have long been powerful tools for activism, allowing individuals to express their views and advocate for social and political change. In recent years, these artistic forms have also played a significant role in raising awareness about environmental issues and calling for action to address them.
In the ‘Urban Artivism’ exhibition, more than 180 artworks created by over 170 artists were showcased. The works were created on-site, and most of these impressive visual experiences are as large as outdoor walls.
During the ‘Urban Artivism’ exhibition, STRAAT highlights artists who dedicate their artistic careers to environmental change. One of the highlights of the exhibition is the newest installation created by environmental artivist Dulk.

‘The Giant Change’

Dulk and his team were featured in this prominent exhibition with a giant flamingo that highlights the impact and the threat on the fragile ecosystems, the wetlands, where these special birds used to live. This majestic flamingo was crafted by Valencia’s master falla makers exclusively for Dulk’s previous exhibition, ‘Rondalla del Fang,’ held at the CCCC in Valencia in 2021.
For ‘Urban Artivism’, the next part of this monumental work was completed: the body, which was transported from Valencia to Amsterdam for the exhibition. Once there, Dulk’s team, in collaboration with the STRAAT Museum team, worked tirelessly to erect this imposing flamingo, making it the centerpiece of the exhibition dedicated to new climate emergencies.

“Dulk puts his money where his mouth is. Not only does he spread a powerful message in support of nature with his Urban Artivism — he also donates part of his earnings from merch to WWF. Another reason to visit his striking work in person at the STRAAT Museum”.


Heritage Project and WWF

Heritage project is a participative active plan where we want to connect with people through art to make them react and act. The main goal of this project is accomplished through artistic interventions and collaborations to show the world the real threat natural ecosystems worldwide are facing and raise awareness about the conservation and protection of species. To achieve that, we travel to research with local specialized experts and later translate all that information into artworks. Then, part of the benefits coming off these artworks would be donated to associations we collaborate with to return to nature what belongs to nature.

“The Giant Change” Dulk’s installation at “Urban Artivism” exhibition at STRAAT Museum was the perfect opportunity to advocate for the conservation of our natural environment. For this reason, a percentage of the profits generated from Dulk’s merchandise sales at the museum was donated to WWF, an organization that put all its energy into the defense and protection of our nature.

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