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A "sustainable" mural to celebrate
TAMA's 20th anniversary

Dulk Studio


17·10·23 | 19:00

TAMA (Municipal Theater and Auditorium of Aldaia in spanish) has reached its 20th anniversary and wanted to start the beginning of this new era with a stunning mural by the valencian artist Antonio Segura-DULK. The artwork, a real challenge for the artist, due to the building strength and personality is the largest he has ever undertaken with 550 m2 surface. The mural named “Cultura Natural” will be inaugurated this Friday October 20th 2023 at 8:00 PM.

The result is an explosion of color and wild nature aimed to combine culture and architecture with sustainability and the protection of the environment.These were the reasons that led TAMA and its director, Francis López, to choose Dulk as the artist for this project. “DULK work’s represent very important values: the protection of nature, the defense of sustainability, the attention to the environment with the beauty of his works”. In addition, the strategic location of the auditorium, right on the city border barrier with “L’horta” invites the work to be linked to nature.

“DULK gave us the opportunity to link the concept of culture to that of sustainability,nature, and the environment.”

Francis López herself acknowledges that it has been quite a challenge, as does the artist, who had to create his largest mural in only 10 days with a team of 5 people. However, the result is already visible and worth it. 

Talking about the artwork narrative, it is a compositional and chromatic rhythm full of symbolism. Each element complements the next and so on. Everything is born from a door, the door of creativity, of dreams, of the power of imagination, of TAMA. With a theatrical aesthetic typical of a paper theater that takes us back to our childhood, this magical ride begins. We enter a unique world, where fantasy is the main guest. Hybrid characters of circus aesthetics will accompany us on this journey, wandering among memories, musical notes and books that recall great moments of this symbolic architectural work. Nature is mixed with music creating a chromatic festival in silence that makes us imagine the melodies of the best natural orchestra of the moment. Floral herons, Chinese shadows, jugglers and musicians portrayed with a graphic language attractive to all audiences make us imagine the spirit of the TAMA. They are the “Soul Riders”, typical characters in Dulk’s work that guide and wander through the most unexpected places among other elements of the scene. Little by little and as we discover each corner of this work we get to a place where one of these guardians with mushroom head touches with sensitivity the strings of a bandurria in the form of a tree to awaken a thunder of life and nature united by the celebration of color, of dreams. 

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