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Art Dreams Tahiti:
Fāfā Piti Mural

Dulk Studio


17·10·23 | 19:00

Discover the 4th episode of 3rd season of the docu series Art Dreams Tahiti, where you can see how we lived the experience of painting and getting to know the incredible magic of Tahiti and Moorea.

We explored the wonders of French Polynesia during our participation at ONO’U Tahiti, the international public art festival directed and curated by Sarah Roopinia!

A kaleidoscope of creativity, this documentary captures the art born from the fusion between our mural and the enchanting nature of French Polynesia.

On the facade of a social residence in Paea, we captured the essence of a family of different species of rays, with a manta ray as the main character, a sacred animal for the inhabitans of these paradisiacal islands. This mural is a tribute to the vibrant biodiversity that surrounded us.

We would like to extend our thanks to the incredible to Sarah Roopinia, and the Ono’u Tahiti team and all the people involved in this project for allowing us to be part of this unique experience. Also thanks to Samy and all the filming team to produce an incredible documentary about our journey in French Polynesia. 

Immerse yourself with us in this artistic journey. Let’s play and be inspired.

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