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What I’m listening to? #02

18·01·2024 | 13:00 AM

Hi, I’m Piluka, another member of the Dulk Studio team. I have a degree in fine arts and I’m an expert in illustration. My main task in the studio is to assist Dulk in the first steps of his paintings, but as his assistant we are here for whatever is needed.

Every day in the studio it is essential for me to listen to something, radio news, music, podcast… depending on the time of the day my mind requires a different stimulus and I let myself go, something that always works for me.

Piluka Leyba

Artist Assistant at Dulk Studio

1. Tash Sultana- Flow State

Tash Sultana is a multi-instrumentalist artist who started her career playing on the street. I started listening to her during the pandemic for the first time with her album Notion, and quickly fell in love with her electric guitar playing with a loop pedal. It’s a sound that immediately transports me inward and makes me totally focused, which is perfect for painting.

Click to listen to the album!

2. Annenmaykantereit – Wird schon irgendwie gehen

This is a German pop rock band that plays in German and English. Of them I would highlight the unique and raspy voice of their singer that seeing him physically you would never expect, of course it’s a pleasant surprise! Their songs in german sound really good, but their covers are great! for me they are an injection of encouragement every day I listen to them in the studio when the coffee stops working.

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3. The Big Push- Busking Sessions

The Big Push is a band born in the streets of Brighton, their live performances on the streets and covers of amazing songs are the best thing about them personally. I love that they are street musicians, something that says a lot about their musical quality live. For me they are ideal to feel good vibes while working on some work in the studio.

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Bonus album: Travis Birds – Perro Deseo

Lately I’ve been listening to some songs by Travis Birds, a Spanish singer-songwriter with a very personal voice. I love the cover of her latest album so I want to highlight it, the illustrator is Nate Puza, he makes a lot of posters and his designs are pretty cool. What I like the most about her are her collaborations with other artists. Her albums are usually very intense and full of feelings and reflections that it is better to listen to little by little and not all at once.

Click to listen to the album!

Here’s my ‘What I’m listening to? #02‘ so far; I hope you like it. See you in the next one, Piluka Leyba =)

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