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What I’m listening to? #01

04·12·2023 | 11:00 AM

Hey, hi! I’m Toni Yopis, a graphic designer at Dulk Studio. “What I’m listening to?” seemed like a nice way to share our musical tastes and recommendations. The people who work at Dulk Studio always have music as a great pillar of our work. And it’s not just me! Antonio also always has music playing while he paints or sketches, and the same goes for María and Piluka while they assist Antonio. On the other hand, Sara prefers silence (managing a studio like Dulk requires maximum concentration!).

In our work, we invest a lot of time in the details. This requires time and a lot of concentration, but on Mondays, we need a background guitar, on Tuesdays a bit of funk, Wednesdays a bit of blues, and maybe when it’s Friday, we need a bit of “tontipop” to say goodbye until Monday.

That’s why we want to document “What I’m listening to?” to show how we, the people who work here at Dulk Studio, motivate ourselves and what our musical TOPS are. Here they go 🙂

Toni Yopis

Graphic Designer

First and foremost, I’d like to kick off this “What I’m listening to? #01” by sharing the captivating cover design I stumbled upon while exploring music this past month. Undoubtedly, an album cover serves as a blank canvas and is the initial visual impact that brings us closer to a musical group. Here’s my pick for the best cover!

Yussef Dayes – Black Classical Music (2023) Click to listen to the album!

1. El Zar – Rio Hotel

El Zar is an Argentine duo that has been one of my favorite bands since I entered the studio. This album is tightly woven from start to finish. It is filled with funky-pop rhythms featuring brass instruments and bass lines with a lot of groove throughout the songs. It’s a band that puts you in a good mood. Almost without realizing it, you find yourself singing along to all the songs, nodding your head a bit, and smiling!

Click to listen to the album!

2. Belako – Plastic Drama

Belako is an amazing band from the Basque Country, Spain. I was hooked on this album for a month without getting out of it! The American noise post-punk sound of the guitars and bass, combined with that characteristic nonchalance in the vocals typical of saddy post-punk, is incredible. At times, it reminds me of Sonic Youth, at other times of The Strokes, and sometimes it’s just unmistakably Belako.

Click to listen to the album!

3. Mathieu Bérubé – COUCOU

Undoubtedly, one of the things that helps me concentrate the most is songs with very high bass! COUCOU is a slow pop journey with hints of jazz. A very eclectic album with meticulously crafted beats that will keep you glued to Spotify. Pay attention to the bass, please; in 5 minutes, you’ll find yourself nodding your head unconsciously. The piano runs through almost every song, and I believe it composes with it. Many layers in each song, a lot of time to analyze them. You can feel the care that Mathieu Bérubé put into this album.

Click to listen to the album!

Bonus album: Jungle – Volcano!

Volcano is the fourth album by Jungle, a British musical collective blending electronic, R&B, soul, and funk, formed in London. The music videos are insane. Lots of dancing, lots of electro-disco. This album is dangerous; you can find yourself dancing in the middle of the office within minutes (no one wants to get fired!). For me, it’s a super atmospheric cocktail, a blend of funkelectronic- disco. I don’t know, it feels like everything comes alive when this group plays. There you have it, give it a listen and let us know what you think!

Click to listen to the playlist!

So far, the ‘What I’m listening? #01‘ comes to an end. See you very soon with the best music recommendations you can expect. Until then, lots of love and good vibes from Dulk Studio. Toni Yopis <3

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