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A great journey to the world’s
largest living laboratory.

Undoubtedly, undertaking the journey from Valencia, Spain, to the Galápagos Islands represents a notable challenge. Comprising 13 islands, 97% of this archipelago is a national park. These islands are also known as the “living laboratory,” where new species are constantly discovered, and astonishing findings are made about the unique characteristics of the flora and fauna that make up their diverse ecosystems. It is simply amazing to think that these islands harbor the highest concentration of endemic plant and animal species on the planet.

Marveling at trying to understand the unique customs of the islanders.

Learning through animal bonds

By taking time to observe closely and pause to observe animal behavior, profound reflections arise. It is interesting to perceive the maternal care towards the offspring, a type of love that seems more primitive, almost instinctive in its defense against danger. However, witnessing how the offspring return to their mothers, look at them, and seek them when they are distracted makes it easy to recognize similarities between their interactions and ours.

The diversity of life forms so different from our everyday surroundings sparks your curiosity in a special way.

Blue-footed booby.

What a pair of feet they have! The blue color of their limbs comes from their diet. This peculiarity gives them a unique appearance in their feet. These birds inspire me so much. The curious name “booby” comes from their docile nature; some say they are easy to capture due to their friendly demeanor. Unfortunately, this trust in humans has led to them being misunderstood as “boobies.”

Taking notes and sketching in my notebook, there are details that should never be forgotten.

Here my son and I in Floreana Island in the World’s Most Unusual Post Office

Click on this image to see the complete mural!

An example of how all these photographs
are subsequently used as graphic references
for the creation of murals, paintings,
or art installations.

See you soon, Galápagos

These trips, beyond being a source of inspiration, provide the necessary landing to understand the complexity of our daily lives when we return home. They help us synthesize our thoughts and comprehend different realities. Undoubtedly, it is essential to grasp all of this to continue nurturing our work.

Sara and I are very happy but soooo tired from this great trip! 🥰

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